My Advertising Pays


My Advertising Pays is the #1 way I advertise my websites and businesses, and it is one of my best performing online income streams.

I buy thousands of dollars in My Advertising Pays ads every month, and every single ad that I’m buying makes money.

Watch this to see how it works:

As you can see, there is a lot of potential with this program.

I provide more detailed training further down this page, but here’s a couple things I’d like you to know first.

Everyone that you refer to your MAP affiliate link will be directed to join your My Advertising Pays team which can help you earn a lot more income from this proven program, as your new team members start using the M.A.P. services.

That said, you don’t have to refer anyone to make money.

Just follow these 4 simple steps to get some new money-making ads setup inside your My Advertising Pays account:

Everyone who advertises in My Advertising Pays and clicks 10 ads daily makes money every 20 minutes, 72 times/day.

It’s one program that you can make significant money from every month without even selling any products or services.

Now I’m earning over $15,000 per month from M.A.P. simply by re-investing my profits and clicking 10 ads a day.

All you have to do is follow the simple instructions here.

Today is the only day you need to make big money online.

The last statement is both metaphorical, and very literal.

It’s metaphorical in the sense that the actions you take today are the only actions that matter. Now is all you have.

It’s literal in the sense that the training I’ll outline here can simply be repeated to earn any level of income you desire.

In other words, you may not need anything else…

You can earn hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars with only what’s outlined below.

Do I have your attention? I know this opportunity got mine!

Let’s focus on the rewarding world of My Advertising Pays…

My Advertising Pays is the #1 way I advertise my website, and it is one of my best performing online income streams.

Watch this to see how it works:

As you can see, there is a lot of potential with this program. Some MAP members make a full-time income from it alone.

Everyone that you refer to your MAP affiliate link will be directed to join your My Advertising Pays team which can help you earn a lot more income from this proven program, as your new team members start using the M.A.P. services.

If you are a Primetime member of My Advertising Pays which is only $99 for each 6 months, you will earn $5 for every credit pack your direct referrals purchase. Everyone who is serious about the My Advertising Pays opportunity will purchase 1,200 credit packs over time, so you will earn $6,000 from 1 referral who builds up to 1,200 credit packs.

That said, you don’t have to refer anyone to make money.

Just follow these 4 simple steps to get some new money-making ads setup inside your My Advertising Pays account:

Everyone who advertises in My Advertising Pays and clicks 10 ads daily makes money every 20 minutes, 72 times/day.

All you have to do is follow the simple instructions here.

Much earlier in my MAP journey I wrote this …

At the time of this writing, I’m making an average of 60 cents per day for each credit pack I’ve bought. So far, I’ve purchased 542 credit packs so I’m earning a little over $325 per day just for logging in and clicking 10 ads a day!

But here’s the fun part… I take that $325 and re-invest it in 6 new credit packs every day. With each new credit pack that I purchase, my daily profit share earnings are growing.

The way this works is that you earn profit share on every credit pack that you buy every 20 minutes when you log in and click on 10 ads per day inside your M.A.P. account…

On top of my daily profit share earnings which allow me to buy at least 6 new credit packs every day, I’m also earning referral commissions every day from customers I refer to My Advertising Pays who are buying their own credit packs.

All of this money just gets added to my account every day. I could withdraw it to my bank account, but that’s not wise.

The smartest thing to do with M.A.P. is to re-invest all your daily profits into new credit packs until you reach the max number of possible credit packs which is 1,200.

Within a few months, I’ll be able to max out my credit pack purchases at 1,200 (that’s the most you’re allowed to own).

At that point, if I’m still earning around 60 cents per day per credit pack, I’ll be earning over $700 a day from profit share earnings just for logging in and clicking 10 ads a day.

That’s over $20,000 per month for clicking on 10 ads a day.

In addition to this, every credit pack I buy brings more interested visitors to my sites and businesses through the ads I setup, and I get new business referrals and  signups every week from this.

also Much earlier in my MAP journey I wrote this …

I only started building my own My Advertising Pays business a few months ago after researching the company thoroughly and making sure that it was on solid legal ground. It is, and it’s built to last. Right now, they have less than 200,000 members which means this company is on the ground floor. If you compare that to a company like SFI which gets 25,000+ new members daily, you’ll understand there is HUGE growth ahead for M.A.P.

My advice is to get started now and make a goal to get yourself up to 100 credit packs ASAP. Once you have your first 100, it will be possible to turn your daily profit share earnings into new credit packs regularly so you can steadily work up to having the maximum of 1,200 credit packs.

And if you refer a few customers who take this opportunity seriously, your credit packs and profit can grow even faster.

Once you have 1,200 credit packs, you’ll be earning a full-time income online, and you’ll have non-stop interested visitors coming to your website, or whatever offer you are promoting. I recommend promoting theses businesses 3 Step Formula , Free / Power Lead System and FourCorners with your MAP credits and I can teach you how to put all these together under one great funnel to provide multiple streams of income at the same time.Follow these instructions to get your My Advertising Pays account setup and start earning profit share every 20 minutes as you login to your account and click 10 ads daily.

Thousands of new members join My Advertising Pays every week from all over the world, and when you setup ads inside your My Advertising Pays account that are promoting your businesses / sites , you can get these people to join you.

On top of that, your ads themselves are earning you money through daily profit share that pays you every 20 minutes.

In fact, it’s impossible not to make money as long as you login to your own account and click 10 ads every day.

Once again, follow these steps to get your account setup.

When your account is setup, it’s time to start running ads

Here’s a few tips to maximize your advertising investment:

1. Login to your M.A.P. account every day to click 10 days so you will earn daily profit share and turn every $49.95 credit pack you buy back into $60 in your account… You can withdraw this $60, or use it for more credit packs.

2. Purchase new credit packs regularly with a goal to reach the 1,200 credit pack limit long-term. This will give you non-stop effective advertising and big profit share earnings.

3. If you fail to login and click your 10 ads on any given day, don’t worry. It just means you won’t earn profit share that day. It doesn’t mean you’ve lost your profit share earnings, or that you can’t continue to earn profit share for the credit packs you’ve already purchased. If you ever miss a day, just log back in the next day and continue as usual. Your profit share earnings will continue where you stopped.

4. Promote YOUR map Affiliate Link regularly outside of M.A.P. This will allow you to refer a steady stream of new members to My Advertising Pays which is how you earn referral commissions. Everyone you refer to MAP  will learn how to use My Advertising Pays as I’ve shown you – which helps you build your group of successful M.A.P. customers.

That’s it. 🙂

The simple steps above represent one of the core strategies I’m using to grow my business this year and beyond.

I’ll be following this exact plan consistently to grow multiple streams of income from all of my programs, and develop a full-time income from My Advertising Pays.

It is fully within your reach to do exactly the same thing.

Even if you have a small budget, you can start small and consistently re-invest your profit-share earnings, and your referral commissions into more M.A.P. credit packs.

I wrote this earlier in my MAP journey …

I started with just 2 credit packs myself a few months ago, and now have 114 credit packs that are earning me over $100 in profit share every day. I take that $100 and re-invest in new credit packs every day which increases my daily profit share earnings and brings in more visitors daily.

With time, you will have 1,200 credit packs generating profit share for you, and non-stop visitors to your website.

Don’t just sit there though… That won’t accomplish anything. Take the strategy above and fully implement it.

Once you buy more than a few credit packs, it’s good to start setting up additional ads in your My Advertising Pays account so you will diversify (and get more visitors daily).

The benefit of running more ads at the same time is that you’ll get more people clicking on your ads daily, and you’ll get more visitors coming to your site.

Just follow the same instructions you followed above to add any (or all) of these additional ads to your M.A.P. account…

You are now equipped with the tools and a proven strategy that can be used to develop a full-time income online.

The only thing that separates you from the level of income you want is the consistent action needed to apply this plan.

If you can overcome your doubts, and any challenges you face in putting this strategy into action, it will work for you.

I hope you’ve found this training helpful. I’m showing youexactly what I’m doing to grow my own business long-term.

Final note: I have a vision for building this business that involves using My Advertising Pays as a very effective advertising tool to build multiple streams of income through the Plug-In Profit Site system. That said, some people just use the profit share opportunity of My Advertising Pays to start earning real income, and then leverage that to keep growing and earn a full-time income from just M.A.P. alone.

There are as many paths to success as there are people who undertake the journey. My Advertising Pays alone can become your full-time income if you have the “right stuff”.

A big part of the “right stuff” is the ability to take action with faith and commitment toward a goal once your realize that the potential to make it happen is within your reach.

I highly recommend that you setup the exact strategy outlined above before you do anything else in this training.

As soon as you’ve purchased some credit packs and setup your own ads inside your My Advertising Pays account, develop the daily habit of logging in and clicking 10 ads per day so you will start earning money every 20 minutes

I’ve made millions online, and I do this myself – every day.

5-10 minutes per day can be turned into a steady income.

My Advertising Pays is a very strong income stream, and it will help you build all the other programs at the same time.

Want more help with your My Advertising Pays business?

Attend a My Advertising Pays event. Get details at:

You don’t need events, but some people like them, and it’s a way to hang out with other like-minded business builders.

Take action now. It’s the only way to start making money, and once you do, you can make money every 20 minutes…

I’ve just given you a formula to make money online…

The good news is that you can put this formula to work for yourself, and you’re guaranteed to make money from itas long as you follow the basic requirements of using M.A.P.

First, just click 10 ads a day yourself and you’re guaranteed to make money every 20 minutes through the profit share.

On top of that, you’ll have an ad running that consistently delivers interested prospects to your PIPS affiliate link, so depending on which programs you are participating in with this system, just one signup can bring in a whole lot more…

You can literally repeat this process over and over as many times as you want (up to 1200 credit packs at a time) to develop as large of an income as you are comfortable with.

The last thing I said is very intentional. Please read it again.

The reality is that you will only be able to earn what you are comfortable with on a conscious and subconscious level.

I’ll talk more about that later, but the truth is that right now you have beliefs and attitudes that you are conscious and unconscious of that will affect what actions you take.

I know this from personal experience and deep reflection…

Many times, I’ve gone back and forth, and beat my head up against a wall in the name of thinking I was working toward greater success, only to realize later that I was actually self-sabotaging my own growth because I was not internally comfortable with having a certain level of financial freedom.

You may face similar things along the way that take the shape of limiting thoughts and emotions that cause you toact or not act in certain ways. I’ll give you some of the tools and strategies I use to help with this along the way too. 🙂

I don’t mean to get so “hocus pocus” on you here, but I’ve learned a few things on the journey of making millions online, and a lot of what it takes to do it is actually internal.

The strategy I’ve outlined in this single training day is a strategy that by itself can be turned into millions of dollars.

But in between this moment and your full implementation of the strategy outlined above, you will encounter all of yourinternal resistances and belief conflicts along the way.

You may even doubt that this system will work for you…

The doubt itself is why it won’t – if you have any.

As a very wise car-industry titan once said:

“Whether you think you can,
or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

~ Henry Ford

You will only be able to go as far as your beliefs allow you.

For some, it will stop before they pay for their first ad.

Other people will setup their first M.A.P. ad, but then stop logging in and clicking to earn profit share after a few days.

Again, I know this from experience… I’ve been there. I joined M.A.P. a long time ago, and then did nothing with it.

Why? Limiting beliefs.

But as I write this, I’ve been doing a lot of very deep internal reflection and have discovered a lot about myself.

… and where I really want to go.

… and what has been stopping me from getting there.

And the fact is, I believe My Advertising Pays is truly one of the best online income producing programs ever developed.

I plan to use My Advertising Pays (and all of the programs in this system) to their full potential to achieve big dreams.

I invite you to share in this journey of growth with me.

What I show you is simply and only what I’m doing myself.

I can assure you that My Advertising Pays will help thousands of people break through to online success, and many of those people will become online millionaires.

Will you be one of them ?

You can be, if you roll up your sleeves now and go for it.

One Plug-In Profit Site member (Simon Stepsys) has already made over $1,000,000 from My Advertising Pays.

Yes, his results are above average, but so is his commitment. He’s focused like a laser on growing M.A.P.

Frankly, it’s like Roger Bannister’s 4-minute mile…Simon showed us what’s possible with My Advertising Pays and now hundreds of others are following in his footsteps.

Here’s some important things to observe in these results:

$1,001,328.18 in earnings so far. This was achieved in a little over 1 year.

$780,029.18 of those earnings are referral commissions.

That comes when you refer people to My Advertising Pays who upgrade their account and buy advertising. Then, when your referral starts using the advertising, or upgrades their account for more benefits, you’ll earn referral commissions.

3,945 is the # of personal referrals it took to earn these commissions. So when you divide $780,029.18 by 3,945, you get approximately $197. That’s pretty good. In other words, if you are building this as a business and taking it seriously, you can consider each person that you refer to My Advertising Pays to be worth a certain amount. Everyone’s average will be a little different, but $197 is a real average from one of our members who is doing it now.

If you think 3,945 is a lot of personal referrals, it is. But it’s also possible for anyone who takes this business seriously.

$221,299.00 of those earnings are profit share earnings.

The way this works is that when you buy a $49.95 ad package from My Advertising Pays, you will start earning daily profit share as long as you click on 10 ads per day until your $49.95 advertising purchase turns into $60.00.

Essentially, you buy $49.95 in ads, and get $60 back guaranteed as long as you login and click on 10 ads a day.

Remember the strategy I use to re-invest profit share earnings daily. Your earnings are actually deposited to your account every 20 minutes. I just take those earnings every day and buy new credit packs, which increases the daily rate of income I’m earning from profit share. Once you establish momentum, you can build up to 1,200 credit packs simply by re-investing your daily profits.

I actually started with just 2 credit packs myself. Some people start with 100 or more, and that’s a fast way to get big profit share quickly, but you don’t have to do it like that. Start with what makes sense to you. If you are using the Plug-In Profit Site as I show you, you’ll be getting referrals and earning daily profit share, and you can always re-invest your daily profit share into more credit packs! 🙂

Notice that Simon’s stats show he has 1,200 credit packs.

In fact, this is the maximum number of active M.A.P. credit packs you are allowed to have at any one time…

That’s also the goal for most M.A.P. members – to build up to having a perpetual 1,200 credit packs. This explains why.

Everyone will be different…

Some will setup a few My Advertising Pays ads, earn a little profit share and get a signup or two for their businesses, but then stop…

Many will buy dozens of credit packs, earn thousands of dollars in profit share and get many new referrals / signups on their team, but go no further…

A bunch will max out their credit pack purchases, become relentlessly consistent with clicking 10 ads per day, attract dozens of team members and develop a full time income in multiple programs at the same time!

A few will become fanatical, do everything that it takes,overcome every discomfort and moment of frustration along the way, believe and act more than anyone else, and earn millions of dollars from this business.

Which will you be YOU?

I recommend that you read this training again and decide.

Whatever you decide, understand this:

You will face challenges.

The biggest challenges will come from within youin the way that you talk to yourself when things seem difficult.

Will you encourage yourself and persevere through it all?

Or will you listen to a weaker side of yourself and give up?

These things really matter.

I can teach you the best strategies.

I can outline them as simply and elegantly as possible too.

But it is ultimately you who must take action and enter the ring as a warrior determined to become your very best self.

That’s where this path can lead you if you will allow it to…

So begin now.

Apply what I’ve shown you.

Setup your first M.A.P. ad today.

It will start making you money every 20 minutes.

You can simply login to your account and watch your money ad up right in front of your eyes. You can withdraw your earnings, or re-invest them into more credit packs.

All you have to do is login and click 10 ads a day to keep your daily profit share earnings coming in like clockwork.

I do this myself, every single day, and you should too. 🙂

One more quick note…

My Advertising Pays is a very young company.

It officially opened it’s doors in 2013, and has been growing steadily, but modestly since then, and currently has less than 200,000 members which is not a lot yet.

In the coming years, My Advertising Pays will likely grow to millions of members and create many online millionaires.

Contrast My Advertising Pays with SFI.

I’ve been with the SFI affiliate program for over 14 years.

I hope to be with My Advertising Pays as long (and longer).

SFI has millions of affiliate members right now, and adds on an additional 25,000+ new members every day.

This is the direction My Advertising Pays is headed, and you have the opportunity to be a member in the early years.

Personally, I don’t believe “ground floor” is such a big deal.

I could join an opportunity that’s been around for 20 years, and if it’s a great business with great products, I could promote it and build a very strong income if I believed in it.

That said, there are still some advantages with joining in the “early years” of an opportunity like My Advertising Pays.

The fact is most people don’t even know about it yet…

As a marketer, this gives you some beneficial opportunities.

I have a long-term vision.

I don’t look at what My Advertising Pays will do for me this year. I look at what it will do for me 5-10 years from now…

These days, I’m very slow to join a new opportunity.

I have to see it prove itself.

I have to research the company and legals very carefully.

I have to believe that it is the best in it’s class, and is built for the long-term with it’s member’s best interest at heart.

For me, My Advertising Pays meets all these criteria and now I have a plan going to build this business in a big way.

If you want to join me, I’m showing you exactly what I do.

Take a look at the MAP Spin Wheel :

The way the wheel works is that you click it, and it spins to give you a chance to win a prize.

You win prize almost every time you spin the wheel, and many of the prizes are money added to your account…

It’s kind of like the Wheel of Fortune…

In exchange for the prizes you win from the Spin Wheel, you must view an advertiser’s website for 10-20 seconds.

This is just another way you can build up income inside your My Advertising Pays account that you can withdraw to your bank, or use to buy more M.A.P. credit packs.

Or you can advertise on the Spin Wheel and get thousands of other My Advertising Pays users to visit your website. 🙂

It may look like fun and games, but the Spin Wheel can be used to earn consistent income both as an advertiser, and a member who logs in and spins the wheel a few times daily.

However you approach it, My Advertising Pays offers many pathways to reach new prospects and make steady income.

In the training above, I’ve shown you how I will be using My Advertising Pays to earn millions of dollars over the next few years

Follow my lead now and join me as a full-time online income earner, or hear about it a few years from now when you check in and see who all made millions with MAP.

Anyone can use My Advertising Pays to earn profit share every 20 minutes – 72 times daily, and effectively advertise their business at the same time. This is the only business I’m a part of that you can actually build up to earning a full-time income online without selling a single thing.

But the coolest part is that you can also sell a lot of things automatically as you use My Advertising Pays advertising to regularly promote your Businesses.

Follow the steps above to do what I’ll be doing myself to earn millions of dollars online over the next few years from My Advertising Pays and my other programs combined…

It’s not hitting a home run that will make you rich… It’s doing something that works consistently, and loyally for a period of years that will accumulate into lifetime wealth.

Get some credit packs and start clicking on 10 ads per day.

That’s all it takes to start making money every 20 minutes.

We emails every day from members telling me how much they like My Advertising Pays. Here’s one below that illustrates how easy this program is, and how anyone can use it to start generating passive income on the Internet.

I love the email I received from Leona below because she’s someone who started small with only 4 credit packs, and is simply re-investing her daily profit share to buy more credit packs. A couple of years from now Leona will likely be someone with 1,200 credit packs earning a full-time income online because she “got it” and stuck with it long-term.

Hi ,

Thank you very much for all the updates.

And yes I have been using all your guides on MAP and very pleased to say that MAP basically takes care of itself. I only paid for 4 credit packs and the rest has paid for itself. What a wonderful business MAP is. It is awesome.

I have so far a total of 6 credit packs and will shortly re-invest my earnings on another credit pack. Thank you so much for the last tip.

God bless,


Whether you go slow or fast (buy 1 credit pack or 100+ to start out), My Advertising Pays will immediately become a very steady income stream for you (just by clicking 10 ads per day), along with being effective advertising for your online business. I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you by showing you exactly how I will be using this program to earn millions of dollars over the next few years.

Now it’s up to you to take action. You are truly just a few simple steps away from making money every 20 minutes.

Do what I’ve shown you and you will start making money.


You are now officially making money on the Internet.

How many of your friends and family can say that?

If you can earn $1, you can earn $100,000+. It’s just a matter of consistently repeating steps you learn that work.

You hold in your hands an actual MAP to unlimited income.

Like my bad pun?… 😉

Follow it closely to reach any income destination you desire.

Let me wrap up with few more of my thoughts about MAP…

I started MAP by purchasing 2 credit packs.

In other words, I’m not someone who believes in buying 100, 200 or 1,200 credit packs right away like some people do. In other words, I don’t see this as an investment.

First of all, I love the advertising of My Advertising Pays.

I’m making sales every week from it.

That’s more people who join my team every single week  – from M.A.P. ads!

Through other marketing I’m doing , I also refer a steady stream of new members to MAP. Many of these people start using My Advertising Pays advertising, and this pays me commissions. Currently, I’m re-investing all my commissions back into new credit packs.


2 reasons:

1. Each credit pack gives me more effective advertising.

2. Each credit pack is paying me about 60 cents per day in profit share for logging in and clicking on 10 ads per day.

For someone who has 100 credit packs, they are getting about $60 per day in profit share right now.

For someone who has 1,200 credit packs, they are getting about $700 per day in profit share right now.

Just for clicking on 10 ads per day.

They can withdraw that money, or buy more credit packs.

Personally, I see My Advertising Pays as a sustainable long-term business because it is selling a real product, and it has an effective incentive built in which gets participants to login and spend time visiting advertiser’s sites every day.

That’s what advertisers want, and it’s what MAP delivers.

There’s nothing shady about it, and there’s nothing to hide.

If I were you, I’d do what I did…

Buy 2 credit packs.

It was actually difficult for me to buy 2 credit packs.

I really liked what I saw in My Advertising Pays, but I really didn’t like getting my account setup with the payment gateway necessary to make my first purchase.

It took some work… I was abroad at the time, and I had to verify my identity with a few extra steps, and it took a little longer than I wanted… I would have much rather whipped out my credit card and made a quick payment for credit packs. I also didn’t like that there were some extra fees in that transaction and it actually cost me about $110 bucks to get my first 2 MAP credit packs…

But that’s what I mentioned above…

This business (and every business) is going to have points that frustrate you.

You are either going to push through that frustration and get it done, or you’re going to let that frustration beat you.

And the difference between those two things will be the difference between whether you break through to success, or look back at this as another business that didn’t work.

I’ll just tell you something… More often than not, it’s not the business that worked, or didn’t. It’s the person doing it.

So my suggestion is to go buy yourself 2 MAP credit packs,no matter what. The exercise itself will be good for you…

Then setup a couple of ads as I’ve shown you above.

Then login and click 10 ads daily as I’ve shown you above.

Then watch how you earn profit share every day, and how that adds up inside your account.

Then decide.

Do I want to withdraw my profit share earnings?

Or do I want to invest it into more credit packs, knowing that each credit pack I have pays more daily profit share?…

But then move on to the days ahead in this training guide.

Yes, get 2 credit packs.

Yes, click 10 ads per day.

Yes, collect daily profit share.

But then learn the skills of marketing that I will teach you.

Because when you learn those skills, you’ll be referring new members to your MAP team every day.

And then you’ll be earning commissions every day.

And then you can decide if you want to invest those commissions back into more credit packs, and work toward the all mighty 1,200 credit packs; or do you simply want to withdraw them each day and buy yourself something nice?

Either way is ok. 🙂

There are a lot of people out there who’d like to convince you that My Advertising Pays or Plug-In Profit Site, or ____ is a scam…, but often the truth is just that those people really have not seen any of these programs from the inside, or have their own agenda leading to their negative reviews.

I encourage you to have your own experience with things, and decide truth for yourself – always. You had the faith to sign up for the Plug-In Profit Site, and I believe if you look at things honestly, you have already benefited a great deal.

I know the same will be true with My Advertising Pays.

But you’ll never know until you take the leap of faith, buy 2 credit packs, setup ads, and then click on 10 ads each day.

At this point, if you’ve followed my instructions, you are making money online. Congratulations. You’re already ahead of most people in the world. The rest of this training will reveal more ways to increase your earnings. 🙂

If you have any questions about getting started with MAP, please get in touch and let me know.

In today’s training, I’ve outlined the plan I’m following to build a 7-figure My Advertising Pays income stream, and create a non-stop flow of interested visitors to my website.

Today is the only day you need to make big money online.

My Advertising Pays is a legitimate business built for the long-term that will help a lot of people make a living online.

Will you be one of them?

You certainly could be, and the time to get started is NOW.

Now I’m earning over $15,000 per month from M.A.P. simply by re-investing my profits and clicking 10 ads a day.

All you have to do is follow the simple instructions here.

Quote of the Day:

“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.”

– Mark Twain

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